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But everyone calls me betsy!


This girl's a writer.

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elizabeth weidner, writer

I'm Elizabeth Weidner, but everyone calls me Betsy and I'm a freelance writer and editor of the feature and television variety, and dabbling in the novel, short story, and copy variety as well.


My educational background is in history and broadcast media with a degree in Classical Studies from UC Santa Cruz ('12), with an emphasis in Ancient Religion and Magic (yes, magic) and Augustan Age Latin Literature (yes, literature).

received my certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA's Professional Program and my screenplay "26" was a runner-up in the Nate Wilson 'Joie de Vivre' award for 2017. My pilot "Just Gone" was an Austin Film Festival Second Rounder in 2019.

Currently seeking representation.





University of California, Los Angeles

Professional Program in Screenwriting

Nominated; Nate Wilson Joie de Vivre Award, 2017.


University of California, Santa Cruz

Bachelor of Arts, Classical Studies

Augustan Age Literature and Ancient Religions   

Thesis: Role of Magic in Greco-Roman Palestine

Editor in Chief, 'Banana Slug News' 2010-2012


2011- TODAY

Freelance Writer and Editor

Novel writing, screenwriting, academic essays.

Operates professional script-reading services, with an emphasis on punching up dialogue and voice.


Executive Assistant, RPM Law Group

Office Management, Scheduling, Senior Support Staff


Barista, (Starbucks, Eighty-One Bakery, Stevenson Coffeeshop)

Maintained kitchen and espresso bar.


Personal Assistant

Interests and Skills

Film studies, screenwriting, animation, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, photography, Writing and Editing (screenplay, novel, academic), blogging and social media), communications, HTML, office management, coffee (prep and imbibing).


Portfolio Samples

Pink Illustrated Flower

(Click the pics!)

Sketch Arrow
Blue Flower
On Fire

Just Gone

Pilot, Crime/Thriller

Secrets, trauma, revenge, arson and more are unveiled as two detectives work a missing persons case. But with no clues and no leads, they may have to admit that the girl they are looking for is just gone.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Podcast

Brooklyn-99 Spec, Comedy

Jake and Rosa try to find a famous podcaster's stolen recording equipment and become the subject of her latest show. Terry tries to get Scully and Hitchcock to finish their yearly fitness exam.

Image by Rock'n Roll Monkey

Chaotic Good

Pilot, Comedy/Drama

A young woman goes through a mundane life with her Half-Elf Barbarian alter ego at her side providing commentary as she navigates life, love, and the fame inherent from running a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast.

Image by israel palacio


Feature Excerpt, Comedy/Drama

A night-club singer's struggle with depression is made weirder by the presence of a miniature version of Adele only she can see.

Image by Filip Zrnzević

Bark and Stones

Short Story, 2011, Fantasy/Drama

Witchcraft and betrayal make up the tense relationship between student and mentor in a primitive tribe.

Blue Flower
Leaves Laurel

Austin Film Festival

Script Competition

Second Rounder 2019!

Leaves Laurel

UCLA Screenwriting

Nate Wilson 'Joie de Vivre' Award Nominee, 2017

Publications and ephemera

Image by Pereanu Sebastian

My wordpress blog where I discuss screenplay writing, mainly how to write dialogue, as well as other Hollywood news and lifestyle.

Writing about writing to avoid writing her writing.

Image by Joshua Eckstein

Mostly just gif sets of movies I like; was my original blog before but now is just a tumblr.

'Betsy the Gremlin just finished a writing program. She is very tired.'


My magnum opus; a collection of names for cats (and other pets) from foods around the country and around the world. Through extensive research I've determined that these names are the best names.

(And Other Pets)


A small collection of my previous work in writing copy specs and commercial scripts.

Dipping my toes into writing copy.

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Pink Flowers


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Pine Cone 5


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